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This 5th edition of the Canadian Railway Atlas illustrates Canada’s world class rail network, the third largest rail system in the world, the backbone of the transportation system and a major economic driver. Produced in association with the 50 goods, tourist, commuter and intercity Rail businesses represented by the Railway Association of Canada, as well as non-member railways, the Atlas reflects changes and developments in the rail sector up to December 2011. It features 68 pages of detailed information, 16 large-format regional maps, connections to the North American rail network and an index of the more than 5,000 railway stations across Canada.

The Canadian Railway Atlas is available in complete book format, as well as convenient 27×39″ wall maps. All can be purchased using a convenient online order form. The online order form will allow you to choose which product you want to order and will be delivered to your address.

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View Maps from the RAC Atlas
Click here for Newfoundland and Labrador map. (pdf 680KB)
Click here for Nova Scotia map. (pdf 1.1MB)
Click here for New Brunswick map. (pdf 942KB)
Click here for Quebec map. (pdf 1.7MB)
Click here for Montreal map. (pdf 455KB)
Click here for Ontario map. (pdf 1.8MB)
Click here for Toronto map. (pdf 393KB)
Click here for Manitoba map. (pdf 614KB)
Click here for Saskatchewan map. (pdf 688KB)
Click here for Alberta map. (pdf 627KB)
Click here for British Columbia map. (pdf 2.2MB)
Click here for Yukon Territories map. (pdf 201KB)
Click here for Northwest Territories map. (pdf 209KB)
Click here for North America map. (pdf 1.7MB)

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